Visit Iowa’s beautiful parks

The best parks in Iowa

When it comes to summer, there is no better way to spend a weekend than to visit one of Iowa’s great parks. It’s a fun, affordable way to get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Here are our picks for the top three parks in iowa.

Ledges State Park

This park’s namesake are the sandstone ledges 100 feet above the Des Moines River. With some amazing views, hiking paths for every ability level, scenic overlooks, camping, fishing, and canoeing, this park is a real treasure.

Chachaqua Bottoms Greenbelt

This park features some of the last unspoiled tall grass prairie in America. Stroll through the park’s miles of trails through the tall grasses and imagine what it must have looked like to the first pioneers.

Backbone State Park

Iowa’s first state park, and still one of the most popular, this park gets its name from the steep, narrow ridge of bedrock that was carved out by the passage of the Maquoketa River. This is arguably the best park for hiking in Iowa, with over 21 miles of trails along the backbone. 

Image courtesy Flickr/PARSHOTAM LAL TANDON